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The X SPECTER® X CROW M1 is characterized by its ultra-modern brushless motors, which enable precise and stepless movements. This ensures precise alignment of thermal imaging cameras, security cameras or photo devices in the areas of hunting, security and photography.

Product description:

The X SPECTER® X CROW M1 sets a new standard in the world of camera tripods with its outstanding technology and innovative features. This 2-axis gyro-stabilized tripod provides precise and smooth alignment for thermal imaging cameras, security cameras or photography devices in hunting, security and photography.

With a replaceable battery that can be conveniently charged via USB-C, the X CROW M1 enables long-lasting use without interruptions. The battery can be replaced quickly and easily, so you don't have to worry about dead batteries.

The 3x adjustable magnetic feet not only provide secure attachment to metal surfaces, but also allow for flexible adjustment to different terrain conditions. The ultra-light nylon PA 12 base plate not only contributes to a robust construction, but also ensures easy mobility with minimal weight.

With the radio remote control, which can also be charged via USB, you have full control over the X CROW M1 . The remote control allows convenient control from a distance to ensure the perfect alignment of your camera. The tripod offers an impressive 360-degree all-round view and a tilt angle of 110 degrees for maximum flexibility when framing the shot.

The multi-camera adapter allows you to quickly switch between different cameras to meet different needs. The brushless motors ensure precise and quiet movements, while the ultra-light nylon PA 12 base plate makes the tripod light but stable at the same time.

The X SPECTER® X CROW M1 combines advanced technology with ease of use to deliver professional results in a variety of applications. Discover a new dimension in camera alignment and control with the X CROW M1 .

Technical data:

  • Dimensions: 28cm x 28cm x 16cm
  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • 2-axis gyro stabilization
  • Removable battery, chargeable via USB-C
  • 3x adjustable magnetic feet for flexible adaptation to different terrain conditions
  • Ultra light nylon PA 12 base plate for robustness with minimal weight
  • Radio remote control, chargeable via USB
  • 360 degree all-round view
  • Tilt angle: 110 degrees
  • Multi-camera adapter for quick switching between different cameras
  • Brushless motors for precise and quiet movements

The XSPECTER® XCROW M1 redefines the standards for camera tripods by combining advanced technology with a compact and lightweight design. With its impressive technical specifications, it offers professional results in the areas of hunting, security and photography.

Scope of delivery:

  1. Uni-camera holder for quickly and securely attaching various cameras
  2. Wireless remote control, chargeable via USB, for convenient control from a distance
  3. Mounting tool for easy installation and adjustment of the tripod
  4. USB charging cable for battery charging and remote control
  5. 3x magnetic feet for secure attachment to metal surfaces and flexible adjustment to different terrain conditions

With this comprehensive scope of delivery, the X SPECTER® X CROW M1 is ready for immediate use and offers all the necessary components for versatile and professional use in the areas of hunting, security and photography.


  1. Suction feet:

    • Add suction feet to your X SPECTER® X CROW M1 for secure attachment to smooth surfaces. Ideal for use in environments where magnetic feet are not practical.
  2. Angle-adjustable base plate:

    • The option of an angle-adjustable base plate provides additional flexibility when aligning your camera. Adjust the tilt angle precisely to your requirements and expand the possible uses of the X CROW M1 .

These options allow you to further customize the X SPECTER® X CROW M1 to your individual needs and make it an even more versatile tool for your hunting, security and photography applications.

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