I can't see a live video image in the XSPECTER APP.

- Is the smartphone or tablet connected to the camera's WIFI stream?

- Is the correct camera selected in the APP OPTIONS menu of the XSPECTER APP?

My video live image freezes frequently.

- Press the REFRESH button at the top next to the battery status indicator to restart the stream.

- Change the latency setting of the video stream under APP OPTIONS

My TCROW can no longer be controlled.

- Press and hold the ON/OFF button for 30 seconds (The TCROW will reset)

- In the overview menu of the XSPECTER APP, press the RESET button ( The TCROW performs a reset)

My remote control cannot be connected.

- Make sure the slide switch on the left side of the remote is set to GAME

- In the XSPECTER APP, the display for the remote control next to the battery status display first changes from red to orange and then to green when the connection is stable.