Technik für die Nachtjagd effektiv nutzen

Using technology effectively for night hunting

The use of technology in night hunting: The XSPECTER® CROW series

Night hunting requires precise and reliable technology to be successful in the dark. With the CROW series, XSPECTER® offers innovative solutions that have been specially developed for the use of handheld thermal imaging cameras. These systems enable the precise detection and observation of wild animals at night and are ideal for various applications such as security surveillance and building thermography.

The CROW series: technology and application

The CROW series includes advanced 2-axis tripods that provide a stable platform for handheld thermal imaging cameras. Thanks to app connectivity, live streams can be viewed in real time on smartphones or tablets, allowing precise control and monitoring. This is particularly useful for hunting, as it allows hunters to systematically and accurately record wildlife movements and activities.

Features and Benefits

- Precision and stability :

The CROW series tripods provide a stable and precise platform for thermal imaging devices, enabling precise observations and recordings.
- App control:

The XSPECTER® app can be used to control the tilt and rotation of the carrier system and display live streams. This enables flexible and effective use of the devices.
- Easy installation and operation:

The CROW series is easy to install and operate, with options such as magnetic or suction cups for vehicle mounting.
- Odor minimization and noise reduction:

Hunters no longer need to open vehicle windows or exit the vehicle to use the thermal imaging camera. This eliminates unnecessary slamming of doors and the spread of human odor, which is less disturbing to wildlife.

Practical application for night hunting

Using the XSPECTER® CROW series for night hunting offers many advantages. Hunters can operate comfortably from inside a vehicle without having to move manually. The sensor-controlled and stabilized 360-degree rotation and the 55-degree tilt range enable comprehensive monitoring of the surroundings. This reduces fatigue and increases efficiency and chances of success when hunting.


The XSPECTER® CROW series represents a significant technical innovation for night hunting. With its advanced technology, ease of use and precise control, it offers hunters indispensable support. Whether for wildlife observation, security surveillance or other applications, the CROW series is a reliable and versatile solution for professional users.

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