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RAM MOUNTS® X-Grip tablet holder (10 inch) (AMPS)

RAM MOUNTS® X-Grip tablet holder (10 inch) (AMPS)

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The RAM Mounts X-Grip III universal holder provides device-friendly rubber fingers for a secure hold of most 9-10 inch tablets without hiding the devices behind covers.

The RAM Mounts X-Grip III bracket is suitable for devices with the following min./max. dimensions:

Minimum width = 158.75 mm (6.25 inches)
Maximum width = 205.74 mm (8.1 inches)
Depth = max. 22.23 mm (0.875 inch)
Maximum length (using the additional support arms) = 260.35 mm (10.25 in)

Product features X-Grip III retaining clip:
Arms with spring tension for a perfect hold of the tablets
Grip fingers covered with rubber
Rear side prepared to accept round base plates (B or C ball, 1 or 1.5 inch).
The holding finger system allows numerous adjustments of the tablets
Easy removal of the tablets
Free access to all tablet interfaces

Rear mount: round base plate B or C ball (1 or 1.5 inch)
Material: Steel Components, High Strength Composite, Rubber
Color: Black

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