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RAM MOUNTS® Suction Cup Set X-Grip tablet holder (AMPS)

RAM MOUNTS® Suction Cup Set X-Grip tablet holder (AMPS)

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Stable RAM Mounts suction cup set with AMPS connection for securely attaching electronic devices to windscreens or smooth surfaces. The round base plate with AMPS hole pattern fits many RAM mounts and non-RAM device holders. The RAM Mounts suction cup set consists of:

1x squeegee base with twist lock - bottom diameter 81.28 mm
1x diamond base plate (trapezium) - width 33.27 mm / length 61.72 mm / hole spacing 48.56 mm (each from the center of the hole)
1x Link Arm - Overall Length 93.73mm (3.69") / Socket-to-Socket Distance 76.2mm (3")
1x round base plate - AMPS hole pattern, base diameter 63.5 mm (2.5 inches)

Material: powder-coated aluminum, high-strength composite, rubber
Ball diameter: 25.4 mm (1 inch, B ball)
Color: Black
Weight: about 295g

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