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RAM MOUNTS® Aluminum Tough Track Rail 76.2 mm

RAM MOUNTS® Aluminum Tough Track Rail 76.2 mm

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The RAM Mounts Tough-Track™ system expands the mounting options on flat surfaces many times over. Whether in the car, in the mobile home, on the quad, on boats, in agriculture, on factory floors, in meeting rooms or in your own home, the RAM Mounts Tough-Track™ system offers the possibility to easily attach multiple devices. By simply loosening the lower fastening, all mounted brackets can be moved in no time if this is necessary.

The flat, extruded (extruded) aluminum track attaches to flat surfaces with screws (not included). The anodized surface ensures smooth sliding and offers protection against corrosion.

Thanks to various accessory components, you can assemble the RAM Mounts Tough-Track™ system into complex rail tracks. There are two terminations available for the composite end caps, either you use the top entry end caps on both ends, or you assemble them once and use a non-ported end cap on the other end.

No matter what you want to attach, with the RAM Mounts Tough-Track™ system you are on the safe side!

Product features RAM® Tough-Track™ rail:

Inside rail length - 76.2 mm (3 in)
Total length including end caps - 152.4 mm (6 inches)
Width - 22.86mm
Height - 10.92mm
Weight - 77.1g

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