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EPARMS RotoClip ZFHL for attachments

EPARMS RotoClip ZFHL for attachments

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The EPARMS RotoClip ,

was specially developed for combined and common hunting devices. With a guaranteed repeatability of +/- 0.1 mm, it is the only adapter of this type on the market.

The system, which has been registered for a worldwide patent, is characterized by clever features such as fine centering when inserting the thread insert, the interrupted round thread and the half-shell tension on the objective of the rifle scope. Due to the very small span width of 15 mm (short) - 25 mm (long), combined equipment with attachments is also possible, which no manufacturer on the market has achieved to date.

Another significant advantage is the multiple use on different rifle scopes without having to zero in again (only initial adjustment required). An example: You have a rifle scope with a 62 mm outer diameter and another with a 56 mm outer diameter. Here you only need another adapter in the appropriate size of your rifle scope and you can swap your device without removing the adapter.

Instructions for assembly and commissioning:

The adapter is firmly attached to the lens of the rifle scope with 4-6 M3 screws with a tightening force of 1.8-2 Nm. The adapter must be aligned before use. As before, this is done using the auxiliary cross of the attachment (thermal image). When it comes to night vision devices, pay attention to what the device manufacturer specifies (orientation of the switch, e.g. 12 o'clock).

Once you have made the alignment, you can start test shooting and correct the alignment of the adapter if necessary.

If you are satisfied with the result, you can now proceed in the same way on your second rifle scope. Danger!!!! Please do not correct your thermal imaging camera again, but align your adapter so that the auxiliary cross lines up with your reticle, just like with your first rifle scope.

Shoot again and you will find that there will be no significant deviations.

Technical details

  • Small clamping range of 15 - 25 mm required
  • is firmly attached to the objective of the rifle scope using 4-6 M3 screws (3Nm)
  • 100% reproducible point of impact
  • Attachment can be used on multiple rifle scopes
  • Very short design for short barrels with S.damper
  • 100% Made in Germany
  • Black anodized aluminum
  • The unit of measurement ZFH XX mm always refers to the outer diameter of the rifle scope
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